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The Guru

Guitars built one at a time by one person,
with the highest attention to detail.
Koblan Kustom founder David Jeffrey holding a shell pink relic strat

  From a young age, David has been focussed on getting the tone and feel of his guitars right. As a teenager, he had the unfortunate incident of having his beloved Strat returned from the repair shop in worse shape than when it went in. From that point on he knew that he needed to know what made guitars tick, and how to keep them ticking. 

  "I always took everything I owned apart to see how it worked. The guitar was no exception, and after gaining a basic understanding of how the guitar worked, I soon strove to improve my guitars, and found I was successful in exceeding the quality that the original assembler had achieved. It became an obsession."

​  Flash ahead a number of years, and after owning numerous choice vintage pieces, Dave started to grasp what was behind "vintage vibe".

 "Tone is crucial, but vintage guitars really do have a soul. You feel this connection as soon you pick one up. At first, I was skeptical that I could create a new guitar that had the vibe and soul of a vintage guitar. I was able to achieve the tone through vintage correct hardware, but I needed to create that connection. Through relentless experimentation (using correct lacquer, relicing the guitar by referencing actual vintage guitar wear, and giving the guitars to expert players for feedback) I've managed to come up with a guitar that connects with you; that creates a story with you."



Made in Canada!

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