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From Woodstock all the way back to Buddy Holly, our S-Style has you covered.

Koblan Kustom logo. Relic strat relic tele built in Canada
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Koblan Kustom relic strat Fiesta Red
Koblan Kustom relic strat back.
Koblan Kustom Shell Pink relic strat
Koblan Kustom Pink relic strat.

We've worked hard to come up with the perfect guitars. From the lightest, most resonant tonewoods, vintage correct hardware, and custom, handwound pickups with handcast alnico magnets, we've come up with a winning recipe! As close to vintage as possible, without the "mortgage the house" price tag. And made in Canada!


Each guitar is built, setup and meticulously tweaked by Dave to his own incredibly high standards. If it's not right for Dave, it won't be right for you!




Basic S-Style

-All components listed above

-Koblan Kustom Pickups

-indicate maple or rosewood fingerboard and 

alder or swamp ash body

in "note to seller" at checkout

$2950 CAD



Kustom S-Style

-impeccable Koblan quality

-many pickup options

-exotic tonewoods (korina, mahogany, the sky's the limit!)

-Flame Maple and Birdseye Maple neck options

-indicate maple or rosewood fingerboard 

in "note to seller" at checkout

$2950 CAD + options

-pay the basic price, then contact Dave to discuss options and prices

S-Style relics built in Canada

Koblan Guarantee


Spend a bunch of money on a guitar I've never played, are you kidding?


I couldn't agree with you more! That's why I came up with my no-hassle return policy. If after a week of playing a Koblan you are not totally satisfied, return it for a full refund.


You'll never regret a Koblan!

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