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We're fortunate to have some great friends in the music industry who are loving our relic guitars! Have a look below to see what our friends are saying about Koblan Kustom. Built in Canada!

Koblan Kustom logo. Relic strat relic tele made in Canada

"These are some of the best guitars I've ever played!"


Brian Dunn,

musician and owner of Cosmic Dave's Guitar Emporium

Sudbury, ON Canada

"I have owned and played numerous strats and I have to say this is one of the finest guitars I have come across." 

Matt Kingsley

session musician 

Syracuse, NY

"This guitar is a 13 out of 10. Actually better than anything I've seen from Fender Custom Shop"


Owner of Marché Musical

Québec City, QC

"What an absolute gem!!  Incredible,'s everything I imagined it would be.....super light, nice action, and the detail is superb!!!  I couldn't be happier.  Gonna wait for the missus to head off to work so I can take it out for a real test drive, but man, I gotta say, YOU ROCKED IT, DAVE!!!"

Jim McRae

happy customer

Pembroke, ON

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